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 My endeavor to get free tickets failed, though apparently while I was in class, the station was giving them away just outside the venue. >:|
I found this out when I opened my phone to wave around during Is It Over and saw two texts from [ profile] _head1st4halos_ . The concert was really good. I didn't stick around for Maroon 5, instead choosing to leave after Kris to see if I could catch him going to his bus, but his handler told me that the bus was going to leave without him and she had no idea when he was leaving or anything. So, yeah. I came home. No pictures b/c I was in nosebleed and my camera sucks. But the concert was awesome as usual and I loved every minute.

My class was awesome and I actually contributed to the discussion a bit, which is a big win for me b/c I get so shy and insecure in class. I hope I stay like that. 

I was offered a job at the campus bookstore, but only for 2 weeks. I turned it down and now I'm regretting that. She called me while I was driving and I am just never any good at this kind of thing. She did say to call her if I change my mind, so I may. idk I'm still kind of scared of working again b/c I always seem to suck at following the rules and I have authority issues. lol But, doing this for 2 weeks could help me get a job at Books a Million if the library job falls through. Also, a girl in both of my classes works at BAM, so she could be a potential in.


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