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The cancer is in her brain now. She's passed out three times in the last three weeks. She can't seem to stay hydrated. She can't walk, can barely stand, and her short term memory is going. I've worked twice in the last two weeks for very short shifts. I'm her main caregiver and I am about to break. 

Good news!

Oct. 2nd, 2014 10:20 pm
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The treatment is working on all of the cancer! The lumps in the breasts are gone and it's shrinking elsewhere. After three more treatments, he recommends a maintenance protocol of one drug, I forget what it's called at the moment. We forgot how often that would be administered, but I did ask if she could travel and he said yes. He also mentioned clinical trials in Nashville and such as future options. My mom finally asked if she was going to die and he told her "Stage 4 does not mean terminal, it means not curable. It means we have options and you have many years." So, yay! It will likely be what kills her, but as long as the treatment works the way it is, my mommy will live awhile longer. So, yeah, travel time.
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We found out today that my mom's cancer is stage 4. It has spread to her lung(s), liver, and bone. She is going to be in treatment for a long time.

I don't know what to do.

So, I do what I can and I am keeping it together so far. I had an appointment today to get my Zoloft refilled, so I asked to have my dosage upped. I am going to take one and a half 50mg pills (rather than just one 50mg) to start. Hopefully I can just stay with that rather than move up to 100mg. Unfortunately, they don't make 75mg pills.

I applied for a full-time job as an advisement counselor at my alma mater. We need the extra income and I just can't work retail anymore, especially so far away. The commute is killing me.


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